Water Testing

Aqua-Check Delivers:

• The technical and logistical services that help owners establish an effective water monitoring program, and
• The standards and credibility that enable owners to confidently promote their facilities.

Aqua-Check ensures that sampling, transportation and reporting procedures of your water program are exact and consistent. As an independent service, owners, operators and their clients are assured water monitoring objectives are met accurately and professionally.

Qualified and experienced Aqua-Check water  technicians are deployed throughout the province. They properly collect and document required water samples, and ensure correct handling and chain of custody to certified or approved laboratories. If the lab analysis determines the presence of bacterial contamination, the site owner is promptly notified by the lab. Aqua-Check forwards all results (routine, positive, negative) to the owner, and retains an archived copy.

Same-day, on-demand sample collection is available, contingent on lab hours.

Aqua-Check also samples:

• Lakes
• Swamps
• Marine Water
• Wastewater
• Beaches
• Pools and Hot tubs

Increased confidence and credibility are a benchmark for Aqua-Check, delivering Atlantic Canada’s Verification Service. Aqua-Check’s Pure Peace of Mind Program allows you to be confident in the quality of your water, for your total peace of mind.

Laboratory Analysis

Water monitoring parameters range from diverse and dynamic to simple and routine. Aqua-Check can help you to define a personalized program and understand the results. Specific requirements are determined by type and location of water source, treatment and equipment used, and regulatory standards. Analysis costs are individually quoted, based on regional lab rates and capabilities.